We can provide comprehensive protection-of-persons and VIP bodyguards services. We look after the client from arrival to departure. Our security services are first-rate, and we strive to satisfy the client’s every wish to the best of our ability. We offer protective escorts for clients as well as limousine services in luxurious secured vehicles. We can transport the client from anywhere to anywhere. We are fully able to accommodate our clients’ changing needs. Absolute discretion is a matter of course.

What do we offer?

  • Protection and guarding  of persons, VIPs, protection against paparazzi, bodyguards services
  • Protection of real estate, exclusive buildings  and business premises
  • Protective security escorts, limousine service
  • Use of secured communication resources
  • Deactivation and removal of electronic devices
  • Detection of planted explosive devices
  • Secured transport and protection of persons carrying sums of cash

Other services

  • Targeted search for persons, items, movable property
  • Surveillance of persons and items, including use of special  technical support and operational technology
  • Countersurveillance, protection against surveillance , operational cover, combined operations
  • Investigation and gathering of relevant information and evidentiary materials about individuals and companies
  • Services for law firms , as defined by the provisions of Section 89/2 of the Criminal Procedure Code
  • Tracking down, detection and documentation of illegal activity on the client’s premises
  • Technical protection system proposals
  • Safety study
  • Consultancy in the area of physical safety

If you need help with any security-related issue, you can contact us and use our expert consulting services in security, commercial, proprietary or criminal-law matters. We will find and analyze all necessary information and present it to you in a comprehensive report.